Mommy and Son – RheaSweet

I couldn’t get my zipper to unzip and my son was the only one home. I have had bad thoughts of seeing if I could get my son hard for me. I can’t help but imagine his little cock inside of me. I figured this would be the perfect moment. I asked him for his help with my zipper and pulled my tits out right in front of him. His eyes went wide and you could tell he didn’t want to look away. Right when I noticed how hard he was starring I knew I had an opportunity to please my son. I asked him if he wanted to play with them and suck on them just like he used to. He got so hard for me just as I wanted. We moved to the couch so that I could feel my sons hard little cock in mommy’s mouth. I didn’t let him cum in my mouth because I wanted my son to cum inside me. I wanted him to fill his mommy up and explode inside of me.

Actors: RheaSweet